uSbuntu Live Creator

uSbuntu Live Creator 1.4.3

Handy wizard to install Ubuntu on your USB stick


  • Lets you test a Linux distribution without risks
  • Works from a USB stick


  • Only lets you test Ubuntu
  • You have to download the ISO file by yourself
  • Very slow

Not bad

Even if you're perfectly happy with Windows, don't you ever feel the curiosity to test new operating systems? Something like, say, Ubuntu?

uSbuntu Live Creator is the safest way to test this popular Linux distribution without compromising your system's integrity. It enables you to install and run Ubuntu right from a USB stick, without having to install anything on the host computer.

uSbuntu Live Creator can read the distribution files from different sources (CD or ISO file) and also provides you with a link to download the distribution in case you don't have it yet. Setting the installation is a simple process divided into a few steps, each of them thoroughly explained in the accompanying documentation so that you don’t feel that lost.

That said, the truth is that uSbuntu Live Creator fell a little short of our expectations, mainly because of its slowness. It took a while to install and a long time to boot, and it didn't work as seamlessly as expected. Maybe it was just a question of my USB stick being only 2GB, but I've tried other similar programs on this same stick that were not that slow.

In any case, uSbuntu Live Creator remains a safe way to take a sneak peek at a new operating system without risking Windows integrity.

uSbuntu Live Creator


uSbuntu Live Creator 1.4.3

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